Mon Dec 10, 2018 – Brigden, Ontario

Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is excited to begin its second year as the national sanctioning body for Canadian motocross. With growth, change is imminent, and the first of many changes for 2019 is the announcement of Ryan Gauld as the MRC Amateur Race Director and General Manager.

“We have seen what Ryan has done with his group Amateur Motocross Ontario (AMO) in Ontario for the past three seasons,” shares Jetwerx CFO Kyle Thompson. “With MRC Pro Racing being developed we felt MRC grassroots needed to be separated. With this move, it will allow pro and amateur to become separate entities to allow better communication and steadier growth across Canada. Ryan will work with all regions on ensuring a nationally accepted infrastructure which will provide a strong base for growth on the amateur level for years to come. 

“I’m extremely excited for this opportunity that the Canadian motorcycle manufacturer’s group, Jetwerx, MRC, and its supporters have placed upon me for 2019,” shares Ryan Gauld. “This is not a one-year process but rather a steady climb back to when our sport was all under one umbrella with one goal in mind. I look forward to extending my passion for Canadian motocross across the country and working alongside those who share the same vision MRC does for our sport.”

In addition to this as well as much more to come for 2019, MRC will work alongside STACT App – an innovative platform connecting fans to athletes and events. This new app will allow all MRC members to be more interactive across the country on a race by race, as well racer by racer following. This app will also be facilitating and registering MRC memberships for 2019 – look for more information on this in the coming weeks.

Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is an innovative sanctioning body working with all regions across the country to bring Canada to the forefront of the motocross world. From your weekend warriors to your seasoned professionals, MRC is set on raising the level of racing experience across the board. The MRC will be affiliated with the Canadian Motorcycle Manufacturers and top motocross brands to elevate the sport, become the umbrella for all Canadian regions, and to bring everyone together into one nationally recognized organization.

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