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“2022 was truly unreal. Membership, race entries, new tracks, and perfect weather. I’m unsure how we can top what was delivered, but we will work our butts off to try,” shares AMO Owner Ryan Gauld. “We have a few new sponsors, very hopeful about a new track in Madoc, a Pit Bike series, Parent/Racer relay entertainment, and more if I can think of more. Entertainment and a great race platform is the plan for 2023. Soak it in!”

AMO is forever trying to enhance the experience for our members. With the cost rising for life, in general, we as well had to raise a few things but in return, we plan to give back more than ever. This year, once we hit those 100 members, we will go live again and do giveaways. The first 100 members will go into a draw where I will go LIVE and pick 12 names for a chance to win:

  1. 12 – $120 AMO Entry codes: AMO will pick 12 random names from the first 100 Members to win a 120 dollars AMO Gift card/code to sue for their race entry. This will be for any event the winner chooses throughout the 2022 True North OPC series.

*** AMO will announce extras from our partners as we build for 2023. A draw will once again go at every 100 members as we did in 2022 till we reach 500.

        2. AMO Members Pays It Forward: When the 12 names are drawn. We will continue to stay live and draw from the 12 winners. One of those names will become the winner to “Pay It Forward.” I have reached out to all our facilities (Gopher, Walton, Sand Del Lee) and they have offered a FREE riding camp to this winner of “Pay It Forward”. The person will get all the gear and bikes supplied to attend this camp. The goal behind this is to try and get someone outside our sport and learn how to ride. Maybe one day they become a racer, and you’ll be the reason why because you, “Paid it Forward.”

***NOTE*** – Whoever wins the first “Pay It Forward,” will get the choice of what camp they wish to use. If you live near Ottawa, then SDL. If it’s closer to Walton, then Walton. Closer to Gopher, then Gopher. Whichever ones aren’t [picked will go in our 200 members draw.

To see our 2023 schedule visit this link:

Important info as we approach the race season:

  • Every racer MUST be a member of AMO to race an AMO event. Each event has Day/Weekend passes available, but you cannot purchase that until the event opens.
  • AMO holds the list of 2022 numbers for AMO members until February 28th, 2023. If you want to retain your race number, be sure to get your membership before this date.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to have your transponder up to date. This is not an AMO-related question (though we can help point you in the right direction if you need it). You must contact the folks at for all information, inquiries, and updates related to your transponder. Please also ensure your subscription is up to date and activated when racing begins. If you have a TR2, please read this  Purchase here

Get your 2023 AMO membership right here:   

*if you have any questions concerning LIVElaps or questions about your membership, please contact

* Concerning rules, classes, weekend structure, sponsorship, and schedules please contact

NEW for 2023:

Quebec Vs Ontario series

  • NO MEMBERSHIP Required – The BEST from QUE and ONT go head to head
  • SMX is a track located: 663 Petit rang Saint-François, Saint-Pie, QC J0H 1W0 The idea behind this is to bring our provinces together and show off our talents between the two. AMO Family Racers (Ontario Racers) will be able to leave their trailer at SDL after RD3 (the weekend Prior) if they choose. This option will help save on gas mileage by not having to tow their trailer home between events.

2023 ECAN

  • AMO has been hired to come and run the 2023 Easter Canadian Amateur National held at Deschambault, QUE July 27-29. All that will be required to register for this event is a LIVELAPS account (What AMO Members use already). Scoring, Rules, communication, class structure, organization, schedules, etc. This will all be done by AMO and its staff for this event. Tons more info to come!!

Pit Bike Races

  • Pit Bikes have made a comeback and we will add them for more fun in 2023. Stay tuned for more on this

Parent/Racer Relay

  • This was so fun in 2022 it will now become a series. Stay tuned for more on this

PayBack Classes 100% instead of 75%: MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF 5 ENTRIES

  • 25+, 40 Open, 50 Open, 250 Int, Open Int, Ladies A, and Pro Catch Pass will all be 100% payback rather than 75% like in prior years.

True North Fleet Truck

  • AMO 65cc (7-9/10-11) and 85cc (7-11/12-16) racers will compete for a chance for their parent to win a Free Ride for a year. The Truck will be sponsored by Truenorth Motorsports and Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC. The way to win: The racers that enter every 2023 AMO True North Fleet OPC event will get their name put in a RANDOM draw at the Banquet. ONLY racers who enter every True North Fleet AMO Provincials event get their name in the draw.

One-Day Events are BACK

  • The idea behind this is to streamline the travel (no need to cut out of work early Friday and pay an extra night of camping), in hopes of saving costs for both AMO racers and AMO itself. PRACTICE days before these events will be run by the track the event is held at. These SUNDAY events will start at 7 AM rather than the current 8 AM.

3 – Moto Format:

  • Throughout the 2023 season, every class will have a race weekend where they get a 3rd moto at no extra cost. This weekend your race class will do 3-motos instead of the standard 2. All points go towards the championship that weekend represents.

Banquet Weekend

  • Families spend THANKSGIVING together right? Well, now the AMO Family does it in 2023. No longer will you need to take Friday off work. The banquet weekend will be Saturday/Sunday racing with the celebration of 2023 Sunday evening.

Madoc: NOT 100%

  • This track is still in the works but is going in a positive direction. The AMO goal was to add another track on the EAST side of Ontario. It has not gone without work on our side but it always comes down to the facility, or in this case the town, and how they see it working out. We have a backup plan in place if this does not fully come through.

SPECIAL EVENT announcement to come: Sept 23-24 SAVE THE DATE

  • This will be a ONE-OFF event with no MEMBERSHIP required. Just a LIVELAPS account.

Feel free to contact us at at any time. We are here to help you in any way – whether it’s continuing your racing path, starting a new one, or just simply bench racing anything AMO moto.

Yours in Racing,

Ryan Gauld