Bring on 2019 and chase your dreams!! Every summer racers from every discipline race hard to achieve advancement points in hopes of moving through the ranks of the Canadian Motocross system. This year’s list of riders that have achieved the next level is big and well earned by all of them.

  • For 2019 AMO will be the advancement group for the MRC sanctioned Rockstar Triple Crown Series
  •  Intermediates with AMO/MX101 are allowed to run the 250 class at all Rockstar Triple Crown Series events
  • All racers must purchase an MRC membership to earn ANQ,  Spring, Ironman, and Provincial series or advancement points for 2019
  • All AMO/MX101 racers must have an MRC license to race WCAN, ECAN, or the TransCan Grand National Championship.

Here is the list of names advanced for 2019 (if you wonder why or have questions about the process be sure to email –

Beginner to Junior:

  1. Jimmi Morris
  2. Blake Minor
  3. Kalvyn Mazar
  4. Gavin Layman
  5. Luca Fabiano
  6. Colby Collins

Junior To Intermediate:

  1. Seth Hughes
  2. Nicholas Burnside
  3. Kyle Jones
  4. Jamie Powell
  5. Mitch Rempel
  6. Cameron Wrozyna
  7. Tyler Shewchyk
  8. Carlos Ponce
  9. Cole Hartman
  10. Jeremy McKie

Intermediate to Pro:

  1. Jake Tricco
  2. Sam Gaynor
  3. Quinn Amyotte
  4. Max Filipek



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Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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