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With the race season fast approaching,  getting ready is not just about what happens when the gate drops. In 2018 there are some significant changes that have our customers asking questions. The goal of the joint efforts of AMO, MMRS, MX101 working with the MRC is to regain a nationally attractive sport within each region at the grassroots level. In Ontario, we have put together a schedule for all levels of racer and below we explain the “know-all” for each region and series

What is the MRC?

Basically, the MRC (Motorsport Racing Club) is exactly what the CMRC used to be: our Canadian motocross National Infrastructure. Rules, regulations, contingency, rebates per region, and membership is under their privy. Each racer is not required to have an MRC License/membership to race with all clubs but a premium is charged to non-members and no series points are awarded.

What are AMO, MMRS, and MX101?

These are the promotion groups that work with the MRC. At each event in Ontario, these promoters will use the MRC structure and membership to host an assortment of different series and races. On each event day, you will ride with either of the three as they promote the best event possible at whichever track and for whichever series.

2018 Has a Series for Everyone

  1. Ontario Provincial Series (10 Events, 9 Weekends) – For people who want to race 10 great races all over Ontario to prove they are the Provincial Champs
  2. Amateur National Qualifier Series (Multiple Events / EAST or WEST) – These series allow you to Qualify for the Walton Grand National Championship
  3. Amateur OPEN (2 separate events)These two events (One at Sand Del Lee and one at Gopher Dunes) determine gate pick for the Walton Grand National Championship and are also Jetwerx Produced Special National Caliber Events that have limited entries and a limited set of classes. These promise to be amazing events that you should not miss.  The SDL Event determines the GNC gate picks for Eastern Ontario, and the Gopher Event determines gate pick for the South Western Region.
  4. Amateur Nationals (2 Events, 2 three day weekends)These two events (One at Madoc and one at Muttco) are fun and challenging multi-day events that allow you to experience a different format and a great week end of racing.
  5. AMO Spring Series This fun and challenging series in South Western Ontario gives you a smaller schedule to follow to show your speed early in the season.
  6. IRONMAN Series (7 Events, 5 weekends)This is a challenging series racing across Eastern Ontario for racers who want to be the best in the region.
  7. Ottawa Valley Series (9 Events, 5 weekends)This is a great series for people who want to stick close to the Ottawa Valley with their racing or people from the area who want to learn the ins and outs of racing with a great family atmosphere
  8. Walton Grand National Championship – This amateur event in Canada is back and better than ever. Qualify by going to the ANQs in your region, sending in your entry as early as you can, and then win your gate position at the AMATEUR OPEN event in your region (SDL or GD).  This event is now a part of the MRC / Jetwerx productions and promises to continue the history of the first 25 years of this event while bringing in the new additions that you will also see at the Nationals and Amateur OPENS. 


2018 Ontario Provincial Series – This is the race series where the best of the best from Ontario compete in 10 rounds to become a Provincial Champion. Each event will have its own special unique addition for that day as far as prizing, payback; trophies etc. as well provide the direct race line to earn points towards becoming a champion. This series will have contingency from all manufacturers (minus Suzuki). This series will host a year-end banquet full of amazing prizes, giveaways, trophies, and special awards honoring those that choose to race the Ontario Provincial Championship.

2018 MX Ontario Provincial Schedule:

OPC 1 + 2 – May 26/27 – MX101 Sand Del Lee (two full race days)

OPC 3 – June 10 – Wheatley MX

OPC 4 – June 17 – Gullymore MX

OPC 5 – June 24 – Walton Raceway

OPC 6 – July 21/22 – Muttco Mountain

OPC 7 – August 25/26 – Madoc

OPC 8 – September 9 – Motopark

OPC 9 – September 30 – Motopark

OPC 10 – October 13 – Gopher Dunes (Saturday night year-end banquet)


2018 ANQ Races – These races are Amateur Open Qualifiers for the two set dates within the Rockstar Triple Crown Series to go on the Sundays after each of the Ontario rounds of the National series. These races are going mirror the Rockstar Triple Crown Nationals, but for Amateurs – Live race day feed, winners circle, podium, huge trophies, contingency, pro team support and more. You must race these events to win your Gate position at these prestigious events.

South Western Ontario ANQs

ANQ1 April 21/22 – Gopher Dunes

ANQ2 May 5/6 – Motopark

ANQ3 June 9/10 – Wheatley MX

ANQ4 June 16/17 – Gullymore MX

ANQ5 June 23/24 – Walton

AMATEUR OPEN – July 15 – Gopher Dunes

Full Schedule HERE

Eastern Ontario ANQs

ANQ1 April 28/29 – Cochranes

ANQ2 May 12/13 – Muttco

ANQ3&4 May 26/27 – Sand Del Lee (two full race days)

ANQ5 June 2/3 – Madoc

AMATEUR OPEN – July 8 – Sand Del Lee

Full Schedule HERE


For any information in your region please feel free to contact:

Ryan Gauld

SWO Regional Amateur Rep.


Johnny Grant

EO Regional Amateur Rep.


John Maguire

EO Regional Amateur Rep.

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Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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