Address: 622794 Moto Park Rd, Chatsworth, ON N0H 1G0

Phone: (519) 794-2434

Atlas Brace Tyke Series INFO – HERE

Fall Back Frenzy Press Release – HERE

Weekend Info:

Saturday – Practice run by Motopark: Check their website for info

Saturday Night – 4-8 PM Race sign in at AMO trailer

Sunday – Sign in 7–8:30 AM Sign in at AMO trailer (Tyke class can sign in at this time as well as Sunday AM)

Tyke Sign in Sunday 8-9:45 AM

Gate Fees for Sunday – $10 (8 and under free)

*if you come Saturday and don’t race Sunday you will still pay gate, receive a band and bring it back for a refund when leaving Saturday.

Camping – Check Motopark Website

RACE (non-member price as well) Class Cost – 1st Class $40, 2nd Class $20, 3rd Class $20

Vintage/Heritage/Evo – $25 per class (no transponder required)

Flaggers Meeting – 8 am

Sunday Riders Meeting – 8:30 am

Sunday Practice Starts at 8:50 am sharp

Transponder Info:

Transponders $25 for rental.  Make sure your transponder is CHARGED for the weekend.

Transponders are required to be scored (TYKES DO NOT NEED TRANSPONDERS)


Practice Schedule for Sunday:

1.      Int/Pro

2.      Yam/Suz/Kaw

3.      KTM/Honda/Husky

4.      50’s (all big track short version)

5.      Vet 30/40/50/Ladies

6.      65/85

Race Schedule for Sunday:


2018 Complete SWO AMO Race Schedule – HERE

2018 AMO Class Structure – HERE


Questions please email or any other information visit