The most prestigious series in any province are Provincial Championships. In Ontario, we have the AMO Tag Metals Ontario Provincial Championships and they are wrapping up with just three to go. “I’m always trying to find ways to attract new and old customers to our events,” shares Ryan Gauld – AMO Owner. “I get the struggle from every angle and in no way can we give back to everyone but I can make it fun to attend our races. With just three to go for 2018, it’s time to be creative and make it easier for you to race with us and see how we do it.”

Last Three Events:

Sept 9th / 30th – Motopark

Oct 13th – Gopher Dunes

Fall Back Frenzy:

  • Everyone pays member pricing for class entry
  • AMO Bucks will get added to trophy classes for top 3 at final three events (all 50cc, all 65, 85 7-11, Girls 4-8, Girls 9-16)


Riders in these groups below that attend all three events (must attend all three events  and be an MRC member) will have a shot at 1 full years FREE worth of racing  at 2019 AMO events (class fees covered) and a FREE MRC membership (cannot win both. Two names drawn at year-end banquet out of each group):

  • Group 1 – All 50cc classes, Girls 4-8, and all 65 CC class
  • Group 2 – All 85cc, Supermini, Schoolboy, Girls 9-16, and Ladies A+B,
  • Group 3 – Open Beg, 250/Open Jun, 250/Open Int, Youth Beg/Jun, Youth Int/Pro
  • Group 4 – Vet 30A+B, Vet 40A+B, Plus 50, and Two-stroke



  • Every MRC Member attending who race in the 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Girls 4-8/9-16, Supermini, Schoolboy, and Junior classes at final three events will be drawn at the year-end banquet by AMO. Three names will be picked and their 2019 Grand National Championships At Walton Raceway Race Entry Fees will be paid courtesy of AMO (YOU MUST BE AN MRC MEMBER ALREADY AND RACE ALL THREE EVENTS).


Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.



2018 Complete SWO AMO Race Schedule – HERE

2018 AMO Class Structure – HERE


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