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It brings AMO/MMRS great pleasure to have Honda Moto Canada on board supporting our Atlas Brace Ontario Super Series and this event the Madoc National as well. Honda see’s the value in our grassroots program and because of that they have awarded per round a $250 Parts Credit to the Honda rider who shows great Sportsmanship towards their peers as well supports the Red Rider. For the Madoc National, it’s a $500 Parts Credit to the winner. From AMO/MMRS and Honda Moto Canada, the recipients of this award from RD9 and Madoc National:

Madoc National – Brandon Tillaart

Madoc Atlas Brace Super Series RD9 – Brady Solomon

For the Atlas Super Series, Honda Parts Credit AMO/MMRS wants to help out Brady Solomon. Now, I don’t know Brady that well but I sure know his dad and the word Sportsman fits him to a T. The family themselves support us and Brady is one hell of a little ripper deserving of a little help wherever he can get it. Brady rode great at RD9 battling hard for every inch of the track with his peers. The Solomon Family bleed moto and are Sportsman in every sense of the word and this is why they earn our RD9 Honda Parts Credit from AMO/MMRS

Taking a full year off from racing usually slows a rider down or at least makes them think a little more when on the track about how fast they want to go. Brandon Tillaart doesn’t seem to have that inside of him. After taking a break from racing Brandon came back this weekend as an AMO/Member looking to get some laps on his Honda. Well, he didn’t do just that, he won the Plus 25 Beg/Jun class and did it with great respect for the sport and his fellow racers. For that, we deliver him the $500 Honda Parts Credit to get himself back into racing.

Thanks for supporting AMO/MMRS

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