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It brings AMO/MMRS great pleasure to have Honda Moto Canada on board supporting our Atlas Brace Ontario Super Series. Honda see’s the value in our grassroots program and because of that they have awarded per round a $250 Parts Credit to the Honda rider who shows great Sportsmanship towards their peers as well supports the Red Rider. From AMO/MMRS and Honda Moto Canada, the recipients of this award from RD7 + RD8 at Sand Del Lee and Gopher Dunes go to:

SDL RD7 – Scott Hough

SDL RD8 – Luca Renouf

Gopher Dunes (one day Double points event) – Cayden Wise and Nathan Clark

At Sand Del Lee by MX101 the two names above bleed red and support AMO/MMRS. Both Luca Renouf and Scott Hough are riders on the rise and great sportsmen for the sport. AMO/MMRS are happy to present to good kids with this little extra to help them finish out their 2017.

On the east side of AMO/MMRS at Gopher Dunes Cayden Wise and Nathan Clark are the recipients of this great support from Honda Moto Canada. This is the first season of racing for Nathan Clark. He comes from a father that has been at the track for 40 years so the Clark name lives on as Nathan chases the dream of becoming a household name and extend the family heritage.

Cayden Wise is also a second generation racer. He currently races a CRF150 and consistently shows great skill coming through the ranks. This little support from Honda could be the missing ingredient to help Cayden reach the next level.

Our next event where Honda Races have a shot at the Sportsman award is the Madoc National where AMO/MMRS will be giving away a $250 dollar to one lucky rider on RED as well a $500 award to the most dominate Honda Racer (this award can go to a rider that has already won the $250 Sportsman award)

Thanks for supporting AMO/MMRS

Nathan Clark

Race Cert v.5 – RD 7-8 Gopher Dunes Nathan Clark


Cayden Wise

Race Cert v.5 – Rd 7-8 Gopher Cayden Wise


Luca Renouf

Race Cert v.5 – RD 8 SDL Luca Renouf


Scott Hough

Race Cert v.5 – RD7 SDL Scott Hough

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