Hello to all the AMO family and Happy Valentine’s day to each.

Here are some updates from AMO on LIVE draws, and some sponsors-making programs for AMO members:

The First 100 Member Raffle winners – Won a $120 AMO Gift Card
Luke Henderson
Shalyn Harding (Pay It Forward Winner)
Mitchell Prosser
Hart Quinlan
Ryan Kukielka
Elijah Barr
Camden Richardson
Mia Henderson
Lucas Shaw
Gage Robb
Tyler Barbary
Chad Henderson
**** AMO Members Pays It Forward: When the 12 names are drawn. We will continue to stay live and draw from the 12 winners. One of those names will become the winner to “Pay It Forward.” I have reached out to all our facilities (Gopher, Walton, Sand Del Lee) and they have offered a FREE riding camp to this winner of “Pay It Forward”. The person will get all the gear and bikes supplied to attend this camp. The goal behind this is to try and get someone outside our sport and learn how to ride. Maybe one day they become a racer, and you’ll be the reason why because you, “Paid it Forward.”

The 200 Member Draw: Won a 5 Gallon Pale of Dirt Care Soap:
Brent Phifer
Alivia Poirier
Kyle Schmid
Brooklyn McKenzie
Spencer Ough (Pay It Forward Winner)
Branson Boak
Bryson Snelgrove
Jacob Parsons
Adele Poirier
Shawn Coakley
Cody Kuchma
Bowen O’Meara
The 300 Member Draw: Won an M3 Gas Can from Matrix Concepts:
Mark Franco
Nic Wallis
Wyatt Cook
Noah Bright (Pay It Forward Winner)
Joao Pereira
Greg Smith
Kevin Strickert
Sebastian Giammaria
Jacob Hodgson
Niko Holmes
Leith Ness
Thaly Girard

The latest Canadian Motocross Unfiltered Podcast – https://www.cmxunfiltered.com/



Southwest Marine & Powersports are happy to announce our special loyalty program to all members,
employees & direct members of AMO RACING RELOADED.
We are a full-line Yamaha and Honda dealer – carrying brands such as Fox, Alpinestars, Leatt, Thor,
Oakley, Klim, etc.
Special Promos:
SW Friends & Affiliates Pricing on Marine & Powersports (Different levels of discounts based on
model, some models may be excluded.)
10% off in stock Parts & Accessories (excl. Marine Electronics)
10% off Husqvarna Saws & Power Equipment
5% off Pedego and Stacyc Electric Bikes & Accessories
20% off all-in-stock Echo Equipment
Additional offers above and beyond the following may be offered throughout the year along with
advanced notice of incoming inventory, promos & specials.
Text: #AMOSW23 to 226-234-8066 to activate the Deal! Please be sure to include your name, address and
if possible, membership #.
Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Andy Wilson at 226-234-8066, or at Southwest Marine
and Powersports 519-238-2887.
You will be required to present your membership # to receive the deals and offers mentioned above.
Feel free to contact us at amoracingreloaded@gmail.com at any time. We are here to help you in any way – whether it’s continuing your racing path, starting a new one, or just simply bench racing anything AMO moto.
Yours in Racing,
Ryan Gauld