With the 2021 True North Fleet AMO Ontario Provincial series ready to hit the final four rounds with a little break prior, it gives us time to reflect on an amazing 2021 thus far. Records have been broken at every event since we began back in June at Gopher Dunes where we hit 937 entries. The year has continued like this because of the hard work and dedication by the AMO Staff, the tracks, the sponsors, supporters, and most of all the commitment from the racers and families.

We now have just four to go:

  • Sept 18-19 GDR Factory OPC 7 (There will be no practice on this track till the event)
  • Sept 25-26 Walton Raceway OPC 8
  • October 2-3 Gopher Dunes OPC 9
  • October 15-16 Walton OPC 10 **** Banquet

****** NOTE ****** The final weekend is Friday/Saturday. Stay tuned for more details

For those wondering why we are not going to Motopark on Sept 10/11. It simply came down to MP wanting to re-run their MP Cup event that was canceled back in June by taking this September date back from us that was hand shook on back in May. After such a successful weekend in July with AMO, we were hoping nothing would change but, we don’t own the track therefore a change was made. AMO did not cancel. We wish MP luck with their event.

Here’s to hoping that every AMO member that attended the 2021 Walton raceway Grand National Amateur Championship made memories for a lifetime with their friends, competitors, and families. We were on hand to see so many great moments and AMO will continue to drive the heart of Ontario towards events like this and the ECAN.

We look forward to seeing every racer and their families starting on Sept 18/19 at the GDR factory Track. We’ve started the year by breaking records, let’s continue that trend.

Stay tuned for many announcements concerning the banquet, awards, and something special at each of the final four events.

Thank you. Yours in racing,

Ryan Gauld