This new addition to AMO for members only is a chance to hear your voice, understand who you are, and focus on the 2021 race plan. In a sense, each AMO member is a sponsor of what AMO does. We’re constantly trying to find more support, find sponsors, money, prizes, and whatever I can to enhance the experience for the member. By doing that we sometimes forget the member is the biggest supporter.

Without racers and the families that support them, AMO, facilities/tracks, shops, manufacturers, and more wouldn’t be able to survive. So this FOCUS idea is for the member to just share some fun, answer some questions, promote their sponsors, and allow all of us to get a little more personalized to each AMO member.

Thank you to each member as we head into the 2021 season.

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Our team at Venture Auto are all adventure seekers, we wake up in the morning wondering where the road will take us. We know the importance of your next vehicle, we will do our best to get you on the road to your next adventure.

AMO – Focus: Holden Fairbairn

My name is Holden Fairbairn. I was born on February 13 2008. I live in Cathcart Ontario.  I ride a Yz85 and my number is 55. My goal is to place at Walton Transcan this year I have not raced there yet. My favourite Canadian rider is Hayden Holstead.  If I found a wallet at the track I would bring it to the AMO trailer. I enjoy riding at Gopher Dunes. My brother Blake raced for 2 years but now he says he is retired. 😂. There is not much I would change but maybe to have more tracks available. My sponsors are as follows:

SRS MOTORSPORTS INC @srsmotosports

COMPOUND 138@compound138

JAAR EXCAVATING@j.aar_excavating

SRS DETAILING INC @srsdetailing

BODIES BY PATON @bodiesbypayon

RYNO POWER @rynopower_canada

DND MOTO @dndmoto

LOWRIDE CUSTOMS @lowride_customs

VISION BUILT TRACKS @visionbuilt_tracks

RACE TECH @racetechinc

RENEGADE FUEL @renegadefuel

HAUL RACE FUEL @haulracefuel

CALLUSMOTO @ callusmotomtb

NATTY SEATS @nattyseats

FMF VISION @ fmfvision


HENDERSON POWDER COATING @henderson_powder_coating FUNNEL WEB FILTER @funnelweb_filter TRACK 15 @track_15 AUTO TRIM BARRIE @autotrimbarrie RUSTICDAN @rusticdan T-MONEY CRETE WORX

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Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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