This new addition to AMO for members only is a chance to hear your voice, understand who you are, and focus on the 2021 race plan. In a sense, each AMO member is a sponsor of what AMO does. We’re constantly trying to find more support, find sponsors, money, prizes, and whatever I can to enhance the experience for the member. By doing that we sometimes forget the member is the biggest supporter.

Without racers and the families that support them, AMO, facilities/tracks, shops, manufacturers, and more wouldn’t be able to survive. So this FOCUS idea is for the member to just share some fun, answer some questions, promote their sponsors, and allow all of us to get a little more personalized to each AMO member.

Thank you to each member as we head into the 2021 season.

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MotoMech is a trackside Motocross retail and repair shop started in 2016 by Davin Grose an avid racer with a passion for working on motocross bikes

AMO – Focus: Kyle Dortmans

1. Where are you from and your birth date?   –    Kerwood, ON., born January 9th, 1993. This was the only time I was early for something.

2. What bike do you race and what’s your race #?   –   2019 Yamaha YZ250F racing the #51

3. What are your goals for 2021 in the AMO Series    –     Haven’t raced in over 10 years, hoping to just keep up and have fun!

4. Who is your favorite Canadian Racer?     –    The man, the myth, the legend: Ryan Gauld

5. If you found a wallet at the track with $100 inside what would you do with it?    –    Give to an AMO official for safekeeping until the owner is found. People work hard for their money and you never know what someone is going through.

6. What is your favorite AMO track or any other track?   –    Gopher Dunes and The 15

7. Have you ever raced the Walton Transcan Grand National championship? If yes, how did it go and how was your experience?     –    Never competed at the TransCan, hoping to go for the first time in 2021

8. How many in your family race?     –    Only me

9. If there was one thing you could change about the sport of motocross, what would that be?     –    Not sure…

10. Who are your 2021 sponsors?     –    Dortmans Stonework