Dear AMO Member,
Hope this mailer finds you well. We have recently updated our data collection to make it easier and more efficient for you and us. – LIVELAPS, a Canadian company, is a Real-Time Live Scoring & Registration Platforms that will offer Event Promoters, Riders & Racers several new features like:

  • Organizational Membership
  • Online Registration
  • Live-Scoring (on any smart devices)
  • Rider Profile, Sponsor report card, and Social Media interface

Nothing changes on your end as the customer as far as transponders or any info. What we need you to do (unless done already) is build a Participant account to then begin using the platform once we go racing. LiveLaps account is always FREE and One Time Setup;
We ask you to:

1. Use the email you used to get the AMO membership as your login info. If you have a second, third, or more family each Member MUST have their own LIVELAPS account. If you’re already a member your info is in LIVELAPS, and you can use this way to access and build the second account for the extra family members – {First&LastName} of that racer already in the database.
2. DOB in this format yyyy-mm-dd as the password and the system will ask them to create a new password. (DOB password example: 2010-01-01, 2006-12-05, 1985-06-06) The zeroes in front of the single digits month or day are important.
3. In here you will be able to obtain your membership # and update your Emergency info as you need to Register for the races throughout the year.
4. We ask you to do this ASAP as we approach the first race of the year.
Thank you for your support and co-operation to help make the experience easier and more user-friendly.

Yours in racing,
Ryan Gauld