It’s that time of year where MRC shows the names of the racers that have earned the right o make the next step in their racing career. “It’s always an honor to make this list no matter what discipline you race, shares MRC Director Ryan Gauld. “Just slapping numbers on a bike and calling yourself a high-level rider is one thing but to actually earn your spot on the gate with the faster class is called respect.”

Here are the names of all racers from coast to coast under MRC that will advance a class (or two) for 2020. Congrats to all these names for following the system and reaching a racing aspiration.

MRC Rulebook Advancement rules:

C. Points for Class Advancement

1. Riders riding in more than one class will have upgrade points combined for both classes.

Beginner to Junior 10 points

Junior to Intermediate 20 points

Intermediate to Professional 40 points

2. Full points are awarded in classes of six or more riders. In classes of less than six riders, the winner will receive 3 points and second place will receive 1 point only.

Upgrade points:

1st overall receives 5 points

2nd overall receives 3 points

3rd overall receives 2 points

4th overall receives 1 point

3. All upgrade points are dropped by riders accumulating fewer than these totals so that the new season is started with zero upgrade points

Future West

Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Tyler Liebrecht 25

Solus Oswald 12

Devyn Smith 49

Alex Gatt 37

Cameron Lankinen 24

Julien Benek 43

Jacob Piccolo (2 Grand National Championships at TransCan. Automatic upgrade no matter the regional points)


Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Mason Ring 11

Alex Friesen 11

Dylan Albert 11

Cody Wadstein 10

Kade Howes 10









Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Wyatt Biscke 51

Tyler Kinas 11

Clayton Macdonald 10

Zachary Pelrine 10

Cody McMillan 80

Brennan Goodon 71

Ryder Sebastianelli 60

Jonas Pecek 25

Dylan Ference 25

Teegan Morrison 96

Lane Stupniski 65

Dylan Ference 43

Stirling Lofthouse 41

Rayce Patriquin 41

Brandon Bidlock 40


Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Luke Hodgins 21

Halian Shebeluk 17

Angelina Mccaffrey 13

Jaxon Powder 13

Wyatt Bischke 10

Kris Marchuk 59

John Kereluke 36

Brock Cresswell 34

Joseph Pilsner 31

Keon Anders 30

Eric Chevrier 29

Cody Newans 22

Brendan McKee 94 (15 years old so falls under General 1(b) 1 rule. Cannot racer regional championship classes he won but can stay as an Intermediate racer nationally)

William Merrit 71


Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Karol Kysiak 19

Everett McDonald 20

Wyatt Kerr 18 (Short, but racer won Open Jr TransCan class which automatically moves him up)

Brandon Rodwell 18 (short but has requested a move up after winning both regional 250 and Open Jr Provincial titles. MRC granted the request after a written letter was sent)

Kobi Cox 16 (Short, but racer won 250 Jr TransCan class which automatically moves him up)

Justin Neiser (2nd in 250 JR, and Open Jr at TransCan. Automatically advanced)

Jordan Lebel (3rd 250 Jr at Trans Can Automatically advanced)

Mitch Rempel 44

Cameron Wrozyna (2nd at TransCan 250 Int. Automatically Advanced)

Austin Kapoukranidis (3rd at TransCan 250 Int. Automatically Advanced)

Blake Hazen (2nd Open Int, 450 Int at TransCan. Automatically Advanced)

Jeremy Mckie (450 Int winner at TransCan. Automatically Advanced)


Beg to Jun

Jun to Int

Int to Pro

Josh Nelson 18

Cole Comeau 13

Ryan Melanson 12

James Caan 12

Alex Termer 11

Ayden Payzant 9 (1 short but class champion provincially advances)

Ashton Vickers 43

Brandon Daling 43

Dennis Harrigan 32

Nole Chapman 21


** Both Quebec Region and VIMX are coming. Stay tuned for those advancement lists.

** Any racer can appeal their advancement if they wish with a written letter stating why as well a racer just short of points can request advancement. This is where MRC will overlook lap times, results in other classes. If we see fit the rider is earned the sport then we may accept the request. All appeals or advancement requests must be written to