2019 AMO Spring Series and Tag Metal Provincial Wrap-Up plan

As everyone is aware I’m away from the Banquet this year, as Quebec SX was booked the same date. AMO wants to thank the Moto Families who have stepped in and said the Banquet will go on…Let’s celebrate the closing of the 2019 Provincial Series together as a Moto Family.

“It’s unfortunate with the work conflict for me, but I have a great staff and family behind the event to ensure it lives up to what AMO has done for the racing community for 4 years,” Shares Ryan Gauld.

AMO Spring Series Trophies can be picked up all day at AMO Trailer (not part of the evening Banquet):

Results – http://amoracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/2019-AMO-SPRING-SERIES.pdf

AMO Spring Series Trophy Look

Banquet Evening 6:30-7pm Start Gopher Dunes rig/Pavillion: Zeb on the Mic, Dave on the sound, booze being supplied ($1000 worth) and of course LOADS of prizes courtesy of: Trudel & Sons Roofing, KTM Canada, Husqvarna Canada, Parts Canada, Kawasaki Canada, Honda Canada, Yamaha Canada, JVC Kenwood Canada, Zoom Cleaner, New Era Canada, Tag Metals, Mechanix Wear Canada, D&D Moto Products and Matrix Concepts Canada make it well into the thousands of dollars for prizing to go with awards.

Tag Metals Ontario Provincial Pit board Trophy
The classes and how many places it goes back for Provincial Series

Dinner Plan: Anything on a Bun Put luck Supper

AMO will supply plates, Knives, Forks, Spoons, buns and refreshments

Gopher Dunes October 5th, 2019. Bring food by 6-6:30 pm

To help with the choices and ensure a healthy variety may we suggest the following (plan to feed 6-8 people) 

50 Families – Deserts or fruit

65/85 Families – Salads or Veggies

Juniors, Intermediate & Pro Families – Sandwich Fillings (examples – cold cuts, pulled pork, chicken, beans, tuna, ham & cheese, chili)

If you are bringing a hot dish, please bring it heated to the banquet.