“I have never seen such cute racers with smiles bigger than life itself,” shared AMO Manager Ryan Gauld. “This Tyke idea has been such a great addition to our year-end and the number of racers that have shown has been a welcomed surprise.”

Motopark Sept 9 – 19 Entries at RD1

Motopark Sept 30 – 20 Entries at RD2 (11 brand new racers making 30 new racers total thus far)

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Race Schedule Remaining:

Oct 13th – Gopher Dunes

Requirements: Each Event

  • 8 years and under
  • 50cc or 110cc Four strokes allowed ( Or under)
  • Training wheels allowed
  • Two moto format
  • Every racer leaves with a prize
  • Join the podium celebration at every event
  • No membership needed
  • No Class Entry fee (just gate fees)
  • Moto times – Sign in open till 945am Sunday, Practice 10 am. Moto APPROX. times 12 pm and 2 pm.

For all little racers that attend all three events, they will all receive an Atlas Brace Goodie bag at the year-end banquet. Plus, 3 names out of all the kids that raced all three events will be drawn and win a FREE Atlas Brace as well as FREE 2019 MRC membership towards their 2019 race season.

Here are the names eligible for the year-end banquet prize from Atlas Brace with 1 round to go:

x Atticus Bennett
20 Izzy Booy
4 Travis Clark
828 Zander Mclean
595 Holden Twizell
777 Sierra Miller
373 Aj Staples
o Zaidan Wright
t Boden Moffatt

Zachary Pype

AMO is the future for Motocross in Ontario and we want you to be part of it!!

2018 Complete SWO AMO Race Schedule – HERE

2018 AMO Class Structure – HERE


Questions please email amoracingreloaded@gmail.com or any other information visit www.amoracing.com