AMO Members Entry Pricing for 2021 below – Membership here

OPC – Ontario Provincial Series

ANQ – Amateur National Qualifiers

*****Update May 27, 2021****
2021 AMO Schedule
– June 12-13 Gopher Dunes OPC 1/ANQ 1 – Raced
– June 19-20 SDL OPC 2/ANQ 2 – Raced
– July 3 Walton OPC 3 – Raced
– July 10 Gopher OPC 4 – Raced
– July 17 SDL OPC 5 – Raced
⁃ July 24-25 MP OPC 6 – Raced

  • Sept 18-19 GDR Factory OPC 7 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 7th
  • Sept 25-26 Walton Raceway OPC 8 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 14th
  • October 2-3 Gopher Dunes OPC 9 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 21nd
  • October 15-16 Walton OPC 10 **** Banquet Registration Opens Mon, Oct 4th

***Every AMO racer must have a 2021 Membership to be eligible to race an AMO event.

Only AMO Members can earn ANQ Points (also race TransCan) and Ontario Provincial series points!!

Entry Fees Per Event:

AMO Race Entry Pricing 2021 (No Non member fee. All racers must be AMO Member
$75 Cash Class 3 – Moto format every event
$45 First class
$35 Second class
$15 Third class  

Amateur Motocross Ontario

New for 2021 – Every racer MUST have an AMO Membership to race.
2021 AMO Race Schedule
OPC – Ontario Provincial Series
ANQ – Amateur National Qualifier

  • No family membership for 2021; every racer MUST have an AMO membership.
  • For every 100 Members we’ll do a free RAFFLE draw LIVE on our Facebook for those 100 members. Then the next 100, and so on. Each prize pack TBA.
  • By-Weekley announcements on support, rules, ideas, and plans for 2021 on and social feeds.

  • 2020 NUMBERS WILL BE RESERVED UNTIL Feb 15th, after this date numbers will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.
    Saturday on Race weekends:
    Practice 9/10 AM – 4/5 PM Depends on which track, practices are always run by the facility.
    Small track 9/10 AM – 2:30 PM
    Race Classes: Starting at 3 pm (Tyke, 50cc 4-6, Trail Bikes, Girls 4-8 and 65B)
    Tyke class is strictly 4-8 years of age on training wheels, or no training wheels, CRF, TTR, PW, etc. ONLY. No KTM, Husky, Gas-Gas, or Cobra bikes in Tyke for 2021 and beyond.

Small track classes will all be run on Saturday afternoons. 50cc 4-6, Girls 4-8, Trail Bike, 65B, Tyke (Gopher Dunes will add 50cc 7-8 and GP)

All racers 4-6 years (Girls included) of age that feel they are too fast/skilled for small track events can race the 50cc 7-8 and class. If choosing to do this, you must remain in that class for the season, including TransCan.

Stacyc 12’, 16’ Electric bikes Ages 2-8

**Tyke racers cannot race any 50cc class for a second class. Tyke is Tyke or 50cc, not both.

  • 65 B (age 7-11) cannot ride 65 7-9, 10-11 or GP
  • Trail Bike (age 8-16) Only 110-150cc Trail four-strokes. No 65, 85 Two strokes
  • 50 7-8 and GP will run all BIG tracks minus Gopher Dunes
  • SATURDAY scored classes – Trail Bike, 65B, 50CC classes – ALL MUST HAVE TRANSPONDER. AMO will use the Trackside scoring system on Saturdays on the small tracks

Sunday – No small track races on Sunday for 2021 and beyond
Practice 8 AM
Racing before 9:30 AM

AMO is the only structured race series in Ontario with proper rules, and growth where a racer chasing the dream of advancing through the ranks can make it happen.

Questions please email or any other information visit

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Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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