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Thursday, Sept 22nd, 2016 – Did the summer go by too fast? The final weekend of 2016 with AMO looks to be a beauty at Motopark. “It’s sad to know this weekend marks the end of the year,” shares a satisfied Ryan Gauld. “But, in saying that it’s also nice to know we end at a great track, welcome the MMRS race families in, and celebrate afterward at the banquet. It will be a day to remember, no doubt about it. Thank you to all the families, staff, racers, medics, tracks, clubs, and sponsors for their support in 2016. In 2017 we will ensure the same level of commitment and appreciation for your dollar spent with AMO is matched or surpassed.”

Below is everything you need to know for this Saturday at Walton Raceway: www.motoparkracing.com  – 622794 Moto Park Rd, Chatsworth, ON N0H 1G0 http://www.motoparkracing.com/directions.html

Friday –

Gates open at 8am – Camping $20

Gate Fee $10/per person – Under 8 is FREE

Sign in from 12pm-8pm at AMO Trailer: (Prefer cash to keep line moving, but will have debit or CC Card Machine)

RACING FEES: All classes on big track require a TRANSPONDER

MEMBERS:                 NON MEMBERS: (no membership with either MMRS, TVR or AMO)
1st class $35.00                      1st class $45.00
2nd class $25.00                      2nd class $35.00
3rd class $20.00                      3rd class $25.00

Small track classes (No transponder required): Diva (Girls 4-8 50cc) and New Kid Beginner – $25/per

*New Kid Beginner is a racer age 4-8 on a 65CC two stroke and under or 110CC Fourstroke and under that doesn’t wish to ride on the big track


Rental Cost $20/per – AMO will have 20 Rentals for the day (First come, first serve)

*Be sure to register and/or charge your transponder before the weekend. AMO is not responsible for a non-working Transponder. To register go to http://www.mylaps.com/en




Saturday –

Race Day Schedule: (Tentative)

Gates open 6:30am

Sign in: 7am – 8:30am

Flaggers Meeting 8:15am

Riders Meeting 8:30AM

Practice Order: 9am sharp – 10 minutes per


Yamaha/ Husky/ KTM

Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki





Tentative Race Order Big Track (Subject to change) 10am Start

1. Plus 50 –                     75% Payback Double Gate Drop  
Vet 30 B                          Trophies to 5th  
2. Ladies A-                    75% Payback

Ladies B                          Trophies to 5th

Double Gate Drop  
3. 50cc 7-8 –                   Trophies to 10th Double Gate Drop  
50cc 4-6 –                        Trophies to 10th

4. 85 12-16                     Trophies to 5th

85 10-11


Double Gate Drop

5. 250 Junior                  Trophies to 5th Double Gate Drop  
6. 250 Intermediate –   75% Payback

Vet 30 A                          75% Payback

Double Gate Drop  
7. 65 10-11                     Trophies to 5th

65 7-9

8. Schoolboy 1 –             Trophies to 5th

Double Gate Drop  
9. Under 30 A Int/Pro   75% Payback Double Gate Drop  
Under 30 B Beg/Jun      Trophies to 5th  
10. 50cc GP                     Trophies to 10th

11.Schoolboy 2              Trophies to 5th

250 Beginner –               Trophies to 5th


Double Gate drop

12. Vet 40 A Int/Pro      75% Payback

Vet 40 B Beg/Jun            Trophies to 5th

Double Gate Drop  
13. Open Pro AM –         200% Payback  
14. Supermini –                Trophies to 5th  
15. 65 GP                          Trophies to 5th

Girls 9-13                          Trophies to 5th

Double Gate Drop  
16. Open Intermediate   75% Payback

17. Open Junior              Trophies to 5th

Open Beginner                Trophies to 5th



Double Gate Drop

Small Track Schedule (Subject to Change):

Practice – 10:30AM (5 Laps per class)

Diva – New Kid Beginner


Race Schedule – 11:30am First Moto

1.Diva – 2.New Kid Beginner


12:30pm Second motos

1.Diva – 2.New Kid Beginner

*Top 3 Plaques and Future Star Plaques. Both classes Join the trophy presentation with 50 classes. (Awards 20 Min after 50GP at AMO Trailer


AMO Backdrop

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and supporters. The 2016 season will be a game changer for motocross in Ontario!!

Be sure to follow us socially:

Instagram – @ReloadedAMO

Twitter – ReloadedAMO

Facebook – AMORacingReloaded

Any questions, concerns, or general info required, please email amoracingreloaded@gmail.com.

Be sure to follow www.amoracing.com for schedule, rules, class structure, and general info.


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