Making a race schedule is never easy. Every promoter wishes to always make it bigger, better, and more options for the racing families. AMO is no different and effort is constantly put in to keep growing.

The latest schedule update and final for 2023 have a couple of adjustments. Madoc just wasn’t meant to be and because of that the 2023 AMO OPC Schedule has made these changes:

–          June 11 now becomes GDR factory which will be a one-day event. Open Practice Saturday is run by the track and True North Fleet AMO RD5
–          ANQ’s have been added and run till the final event in June 24-25 at SDL
–          The June event and September event at SDL are Double rounds/Double Points
–          The September event will be a Triple Series event with the On Vs. Quebec series, Final RDs of east series, and RD10 of True North OPC
–          9 rounds of Parent Racer Relay and Yamaha Canada Pit Bike Series. Saturday evening will be a hoot!
–          5 Rounds for the Simcoe Motorsports East Series. 6 Rounds of Troy Lee Designs West Series

Ok, 2023 is set in stone now and we are moving forward on things that were waiting in limbo. The month of March will be full of info coming your way regarding pit bike classes, rule updates, the rulebook finalized, the pay it forward program, and more.

Feel free to contact us at at any time. We are here to help you in any way – whether it’s continuing your racing path, starting a new one, or just simply bench racing anything AMO moto.
Yours in Racing,
Ryan Gauld

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Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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