It’s been a magical year in Ontario for AMO and its Family members. The events had amazing weather, the racing has elevated to having the best racers in the country, and no matter the gate drop at any time, we saw the future of the sport in its brightest form in years. The skill level right now is something to be very excited about from ages 6-20. The province and country have a good look into the potential of racers for years to come.

Please feel free to email with inquiries about advancement or to apply for an appeal about a racer who was advanced.

Under AMO rule:

1. Riders riding in more than one class will have upgrade points combined for both classes.

Beginner to Junior 10 points

Junior to Intermediate 20 points

Intermediate to Professional 40 points

Note** Any Intermediate racer earning a national MRC Pro number is automatically moved to pro for the following season no matter how many provincial advancement points they have earned.

2. Full points are awarded in classes of six or more riders. In classes of less than six riders, the winner will receive 3 points and second place will receive 1 point only.

Upgrade points per event:

1st overall receives 5 points

2nd overall receives 3 points

3rd overall receives 2 points

4th overall receives 1 point

3. All upgrade points are dropped by riders accumulating fewer than these totals so that the new season is started with zero upgrade points.

4. Any racer placing in the top 3 overall at the Walton Grand National Championship or ECAN at Deschambault in Junior or Intermediate automatically gets advanced for 2023.

****What was new for 2021 was that Open beginner riders earning the regular advancement (10 points) got bumped but also a racer who earned 100 total series points.

**** What was new in 2021 was the Youth Beg/Jun class adding advancement points to the system.

****Also what was New for 2021 was the top 10 racers in True North Fleet AMO OPC ending Series points in 65 B 7-11 Open get bumped into their age group for 2022. The 65 7-9 or 10-11 class.

Here is the list of names for advancement for 2023:

Albert Ritter has earned the move from 65 B to 65 10-11 and 65 GP

65 B Open 7-11 Top 10 in Series Points:

#122 – Bryanston, On
 4th5th3rd2nd 1st1st1st1st1st1st449
#703 – Bright, On
11th1st2nd1st1st4th3rd3rd8th2nd 4th408 (-41)
#218 – Woodstock, ON
7th7th 4th6th 7th7th5th3rd4th2nd320 (-129)
#694 – Innisfil, On
12th3rd 6th4th1st4th4th6th9th14th12th313 (-136)
#73X – StClements, On
 6th9th2nd9th 10th10th3rd8th7th3rd296 (-153)
#833 – Pefferlaw, ON
6th15th4th7th3rd5th11th11th9th7th6th6th287 (-162)
#378 – Tillsonburg, On
4th12th 5th12th 5th5th7th6th 5th255 (-194)
#88 – Wilmot, On
16th11th 10th10th 15th15th11th11th8th11th188 (-261)
#92 – Bowmanville, On
  8th 7th9th6th6th  9th 160 (-289)
#753 -, ON
8th  13th8th7th14th14th  10th 145 (-304)

“Hey kid, we’re moving up!’ – Gage Robb

Other Racers that advanced themselves by racing 65B Saturday then Racing their age class/A group on a Sunday by request:

#5 – Cruz Wood

#916 – Landon Miles

#65 – Sheamus Parker

#2 – Carter Vondungern

#77 – Lane Bowes

#42 – Rius Reznik

Open Beginner to Junior Class – 10 advancement points or 100 series points

Josh Villeneuve                                                                                15                                     
Aaron Hilbing12
Kyle Busby12
Branden Lavallee is now a Junior level racer.

Riders that earned over 100 True North Fleet Series Points:

#927 – Wainfleet, On
19th2nd 8th2nd 15th15th4th1st9th1st300
#107 – Wainfleet, On
38th14th4thDNS1st 7th7th5th7th11th5th254 (-46)
#15 -, ON
5th 2nd  5th4th4th 5th10th 244 (-56)
#26 – StThomas, On
14th 9th3rd   8th3rd 3rd188 (-112)
#49 – Newcastle, On
10th9th 3rd DNS  7th 13th4th165 (-135)
#42X – NiagaraontheLake, On
22nd31st DNS7th   2nd2nd 2nd160 (-140)
#570 – Listowel, On
13th19th8th15th6th   11th  10th142 (-158)
#98 – Osgoode, On
      2nd2nd  2nd 130 (-170)
#11X – OTTAWA, On
  13th   6th6th  6th7th127 (-173)
#97 – NiagaraonTheLake, On
18th5th      1st  6th120 (-180)
#134 – Warwick, On
16th15th 13th5th   14th8th  117 (-183)
#111 – Wellandport, On
 36th11th6th8th   6th12th  116 (-184)
#226x – Rockland, On
      1st1st    100 (-200)

Ladies B to Ladies A – 10 Points:

811Maddison Mckenzie33
828Sophie Bonham20
917Shalyn Harding17
159Kandreya Szusz13
Kandreya Szusz has earned her Ladies A stripes.

Junior To Intermediate – 20 Advancement Points:

#94 Ethan Lawrence 96 Points

#182 Jacob Macdonald 43

#196 Fenton Wiebe 24

#514 Shelby Rempel 23

Three names who will wear the yellow plates in 2023 – Crayden Dillon, Jacob Macdonald, and Evan Stewart

Racers that earned advancement by request or made the podium at ECAN or TransCan in 250 Jun/Open Jun/Youth Beg/Jun:

#138 Dylan Rempel – Requested advancement after following AMO Rule

#96 Crayden Dillon – 2- Time ECAN Champion. 1 Time TransCan and Podium in Open Junior

#95 Evan Stewart – 2 Time TransCan Junior Champion

#216 Aaron Henry – Podium Youth Class at TransCan

#52 Luke Tricco – Podium 250 Junior TransCan

#52 Brody Craig – Youth Beg/Jun Podium ECAN

#550 Kaes Knight – Youth Beg/Jun Podium ECAN

Intermediate to Pro 40 Advancement Points

*** Note: Any intermediate racer that earned a Triple Crown Top 100 National Number automatically gets bumped to Pro. No matter their advancement point status

#147 Hayden Jameson 55

#46 Tanner Scott 45

#225 Tristan Dares 42

ECAN or TransCan Adavancemt from a Podium:

#46 Tanner Scott – 2 Times ECAN. 2 Time TransCan Champion

#454 Ben Leclair – Podium both TransCan and ECAN

#138 Dylan Rempel  – Podium both TransCan and ECAN

Intermediate races that raced MRC Triple Crown Nationals who will earn a top 100 national #:

#71 Josh Bryan

#46 Tanner Scott

#138 Dylan Rempel 

#300 Kevin Sullivan

Lastly, we can announce now that the 40 A and 40 B classes will be combined and be just 40 Open in 2023 and beyond.