2022 True North Fleet OPC – The DROPS and how it works

As stated at the beginning of the year the Ontario Provincial series would be 12 rounds with the best 10 scores being the championship score per year-end.

Starting after this weekend at Sand Del lee, you will be able to see the racer’s worst score deleted off the tabulated scores under the Trackside system on

Once all the scores are tabulated after the final round at Gopher Dunes Sept 16-17, the scores will be finalized for the OPC series taking your best 10 results.

2022 True North Fleet AMO OPC Series – Banquet Info

It has been an incredible year. This is because of all the amazing AMO families who support us, the tracks/facilities, and the amazing sponsors/partners we have. Thank you to each one of you.
The weekend of the final OPC race held at Gopher Dunes will also be our year-end banquet celebration. As always it will be full of fun, food, laughs, awards, prizes, and stories. The plan is:

Saturday, Sept 17th starts at 6:30 PM at Gopher Dunes Pavilion
Bring a golf cart or chairs to relax in. There will be limited seats available

6:30 – Dinner (Free) Roast/Salads/Deserts for 250 people. First, come. First, serve – PLEASE EAT IT!!!

  ****** BYOB ******

*** 110 Trophies and all will receive a bag of goodies with gifts from Matrix Concepts Canada, Extreme Toys, TKT Detailing, VP racing, DnD Moto, and OG Optics

Every Champion will receive a #1 plate as well as a New Era Canada Champion hat:

Here’s a look at the Trophies:

7 PM – Banquet starts
Banquet Schedule:
50 4-6  OPC Series Trophies 1st – 5th
50 7-8  OPC Series 1-5
50 GP 4-8 Series OPC 1-5
Girls 4-8  OPC series 1-5  
65 B 7-11  OPC series 1-5
65 7-9  OPC series 1-5  
65 10-11  OPC series 1-5
65 GP  OPC series 1-5
85 7-11 OPC series 1-5  
85 12-16  OPC series 1-5
Trail Bike OPC Series 1-3
Supermini 9-16  OPC series 1-3  

Small Bike Hard Charger award
Small Bike Rising Star Award

Schoolboy 1  OPC series 1-3  
SchoolBoy 2  OPC series 1-3  
Two-Stroke  OPC series 1-3  
Open Beginner  OPC series 1-3  
Ladies A  OPC Series Trophies 1-3
Ladies B  OPC series 1-3  
Girls 9-16  OPC series 1-3  
Youth BEG/JR   OPC series 1-3  
Plus 25 OPEN  OPC Series Trophies 1-3
Vet 30 B  OPC series 1-3  
Vet 40 B OPC series 1-3        
Vet 40 A OPC Series Trophies 1-3
Vet 50 OPEN  OPC Series Trophies 1-3
Cash Class OPC 1-3

Big Bike Hard Charger Award
Big Bike Rising Star Award

250 Junior  OPC series 1-3  
Open Junior  OPC series 1-3  
250 Int OPC Series Trophies 1-3
Open Int Weekly OPC Series Trophies 1-3

Rider of the Year Award