Dear AMO Family/Members,

Thus far in 2021, we have had two very successful events. Record-breaking turnouts at GD and SDL have made for long days but great racing. We appreciate each and every racer and the effort you put into each weekend for your racer.

We have done some digging on some scoring issues we have been having to start the season. Until the research we have done, we thought our system was making mistakes and missing racer’s scores even though they were wearing a transponder. We have come to learn that the problem is not within our system but rather a fault in the TR2 transponder (picture above). The TR2 will scan at the gate with the transponder checker and basically tell us it’s good, but when the racer crosses the line it does not register. Unfortunately, this has caused issues with any racer wearing this TR2 transponder. This is not an issue at AMO, nor yours, but rather Mylaps. They have not issued a letter stating this but rather have shared, “It’s 1% of the Transponders bought/sold. It’s a problem but a small problem.’ I’m sure you can imagine my frustration with this.

AMO, for the last two weekends, has gone over and above with manual scoring, but with the huge numbers, it has been tough to be 100% accurate. This has lead to confusion, frustration, and even anger from the AMO racer or Family member.

To fix this situation, if you have purchased a TR2 prior to July 4th of 2020 you are required to contact MYlaps through the help center show them your receipt and explain that the transponder does not score my racer. They will ask you to send it and return to you a new one. The next issue is they do not have stock on these and the turnaround time is long.

Once again, AMO has gone over and above and secured rentals for the races to help this issue but we can see this could be another issue due to the fact we only have 90 rentals. We can see there are at least 78 TR2’s in our system thus far in 2021.

From here on out we ask that you reserve a transponder rental at all our events if you have a TR2 transponder or find another way to share with a friend that has an original FLEX orange transponder that we know works. We want your racer to be scored!

We need you to plan ahead for this now. Unfortunately, this is not an AMO issue and we cannot fix it other than offering our rental system. Be sure to read everything as each event opens and learn how to reserve a transponder.

Yours in racing,

Ryan Gauld