AMO Members Entry Pricing for 2021 below – Membership here

OPC – Ontario Provincial Series

ANQ – Amateur National Qualifiers

*****Update May 27, 2021****
2021 AMO Schedule
– June 12-13 Gopher Dunes OPC 1/ANQ 1 – Raced
– June 19-20 SDL OPC 2/ANQ 2 – Raced
– July 3 Walton OPC 3 – Raced
– July 10 Gopher OPC 4 – Raced
– July 17 SDL OPC 5 – Raced
⁃ July 24-25 MP OPC 6 – Raced

  • Sept 18-19 GDR Factory OPC 7 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 7th
  • Sept 25-26 Walton Raceway OPC 8 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 14th
  • October 2-3 Gopher Dunes OPC 9 Registration Opens Tues, Sept 21nd
  • October 15-16 Walton OPC 10 **** Banquet Registration Opens Mon, Oct 4th

***Every AMO racer must have a 2021 Membership to be eligible to race an AMO event.

Only AMO Members can earn ANQ Points (also race TransCan) and Ontario Provincial series points!!

Entry Fees Per Event:

AMO Race Entry Pricing 2021 (No Non member fee. All racers must be AMO Member
$75 Cash Class 3 – Moto format every event
$45 First class
$35 Second class
$15 Third class  

Amateur Motocross Ontario

New for 2021 – Every racer MUST have an AMO Membership to race.
2021 AMO Race Schedule
OPC – Ontario Provincial Series
ANQ – Amateur National Qualifier

  • No family membership for 2021; every racer MUST have an AMO membership.
  • For every 100 Members we’ll do a free RAFFLE draw LIVE on our Facebook for those 100 members. Then the next 100, and so on. Each prize pack TBA.
  • By-Weekley announcements on support, rules, ideas, and plans for 2021 on and social feeds.

  • 2020 NUMBERS WILL BE RESERVED UNTIL Feb 15th, after this date numbers will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.
    Saturday on Race weekends:
    Practice 9/10 AM – 4/5 PM Depends on which track, practices are always run by the facility.
    Small track 9/10 AM – 2:30 PM
    Race Classes: Starting at 3 pm (Tyke, 50cc 4-6, Trail Bikes, Girls 4-8 and 65B)
    Tyke class is strictly 4-8 years of age on training wheels, or no training wheels, CRF, TTR, PW, etc. ONLY. No KTM, Husky, Gas-Gas, or Cobra bikes in Tyke for 2021 and beyond.

Small track classes will all be run on Saturday afternoons. 50cc 4-6, Girls 4-8, Trail Bike, 65B, Tyke (Gopher Dunes will add 50cc 7-8 and GP)

All racers 4-6 years (Girls included) of age that feel they are too fast/skilled for small track events can race the 50cc 7-8 and class. If choosing to do this, you must remain in that class for the season, including TransCan.

Stacyc 12’, 16’ Electric bikes Ages 2-8

**Tyke racers cannot race any 50cc class for a second class. Tyke is Tyke or 50cc, not both.

  • 65 B (age 7-11) cannot ride 65 7-9, 10-11 or GP
  • Trail Bike (age 8-16) Only 110-150cc Trail four-strokes. No 65, 85 Two strokes
  • 50 7-8 and GP will run all BIG tracks minus Gopher Dunes
  • SATURDAY scored classes – Trail Bike, 65B, 50CC classes – ALL MUST HAVE TRANSPONDER. AMO will use the Trackside scoring system on Saturdays on the small tracks

Sunday – No small track races on Sunday for 2021 and beyond
Practice 8 AM
Racing before 9:30 AM

AMO is the only structured race series in Ontario with proper rules, and growth where a racer chasing the dream of advancing through the ranks can make it happen.

Questions please email or any other information visit