Wednesday, January 8th, 2019 –

It brings us great excitement to announce the 2019 SWO and Eastern Ontario Race schedule.

** the TBD in SWO is being worked on and will be announced ASAP. No Stress!!


“We aim high once again for 2019 with the most attractive schedule in the province,” shares AMO Manager Ryan Gauld. “These races are the only way to advance through the sport, the only way to become a true Provincial champion, the only way to collect contingency, and the only way to qualify for TransCan. The best part of it all, an MRC Membership gets you all the bells and whistles that come with all these great races and awards that come with them.”


“2019 is going to be a great year with great racing in Eastern Ontaro!” stated Johnny Grant, the EO MRC Manager.  “We have ANQs, the SDL CUP, two Provincials, a National Weekend, and a great series for families and racers of all levels to follow in the Ottawa Valley Series.  Kennelly Mountain MX and Thomson’s MX are back on the schedule, and there are some off-road races at KMMX as well as Summer Camps at SDL.  There is something for everyone and every skill level.”


Note: On May 26th only, non-MRC Race Licences will be accepted at the SDL Event with no day pass, but an MRC Licence will be required to receive ANQ or ONTARIO PROVINCIAL Points.


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