“We aim high once again for 2020 with the most attractive schedule in the province,” shares AMO Manager Ryan Gauld. “These races are the only way to advance through the sport, the only way to become a true Provincial champion, the only way to collect contingency, and the only way to qualify for TransCan. The best part of it all, an MRC Membership gets you all the bells and whistles that come with all these great races and awards that come with them.”

MRC Members Entry Pricing for 2020 below – MRC Membership can be found HERE

OPC – Ontario Provincial Series

ANQ – Amateur National Qualifiers

April                              5 Gopher Dunes Practice
12 Easter Weekend Gopher Dunes – ANQ 1
26 Motopark – ANQ 2
May                             23 SDL – OPC 1/ANQ East 1
24 SDL – OPC 2/ANQ East 2
June                             14 Fathers Day Gully Mor Moto – OPC 3/ANQ 3
21 Walton – OPC 4/ANQ 4
28 GDR Factory – OPC 5/ANQ5
July                               11 AMO Gopher Dunes – OPC 6
12 Rockstar Triple Crown RD5
18 SDL – Ironman
19 Rockstar Triple Crown – RD6
August                     9-16 GNC – Walton TransCan Grand National
September                  13 Walton – OPC 7
20Gopher Dunes- OPC 8

***Every AMO race welcome other club racers at MRC Member pricing to race our series as long as they are a member of a club that is recognized by AMO (TVR and Steel City) **Proof must be shown

Only MRC Members can earn ANQ Points (also race TransCan) and Ontario Provincial series points!!

MRC Members Entry Pricing for 2020 below – MRC Membership can be found HERE


Entry Fees Per Event:

MRC Member Pricing
$40 First class
$30 Second class
$10 Third class  
$30 first class
$20 Second class
Free Third class
Non-Member Entry fee:
$50 First class
$40 Second class
$20 Third class

AMO is the only structured race series with proper rules under sanction, where a racer chasing the dream of advancing through the ranks can make it happen.

Questions please email amoracingreloaded@gmail.com or any other information visit www.amoracing.com

About The Author

Owner / Operator

Ryan Gauld is a champion of Amateur Motocross in Ontario, and Motocross Racing in Canada. He operates GuranteedMX, which is a blog about motocross in Canada, and also runs AMO, Amateur Racing Reloaded, which is an organization that is trying to bring back the fun and excitement of motocross to the amateur racer and their family.

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