For the third year in a row we delivered the most memorable night for our customers. Without people going to the track and the sponsors supporting us, we would not be able to deliver:

– Over $30,000 in prizes and giveaways
– Catered Dinner for 400 people
– Custom cake and Cupcakes by Kerri Schuster
– $1000 in Adult Beverages
– Custom awards by Moto Metal Works
– 4 Free Entry for a Year winner (Holden Fairbairn, Josh Lemire, Mitch Rempel, Fred Newby
– 4 2019 MRC memberships (Kye Cooper, Matthew Cemovic, Jaime Powell, Ross Malley)
– 3 TransCan Entries Paid (Tyler Booy, Ben Kongmany, Blake Paterson)
– 3 Atlas Tyke Ambassadors and Free MRC memberships (Izzy Booy, Zach Pyke, Holden Twizell)

There is no doubt we have gone overboard for 2018 but we also know that without motocross in Ontario many would be lost so it’s our pleasure to work hard for you.

Quote Sunday AM after the event – “Want to give a big thanks to Ryan Gauld for putting in such a big effort with AMO ! There’s no where else in Ontario that you can get the best tracks, best staff, best organized, best competition, best exposure, and the best prizes in a motocross series, and all for the same price as every other racing organization.” #whywouldyouraceanywhereelse From Luke Dillon

Thanks to Randy Wiebe for the photos.

Hope to see everyone in 2019!!

Cole Milson – AMO Hard Charger Award

Tripp Elder – AMO Future Star Award

Team Holeshot Award winners – Mitch Rempel, Maya Legare and Matthew Cemovic.

Maya Legare – New Era Hard Charger Award

Matthew Cemovic – AMO Future Star Award

Mitch Rempel – AMO Rider of the Yea Award

The Year-End video always gets attention

Huge thanks to this crew for behind the scenes help.

The Grumble Gathering was fun and we got a few ideas from it. Funny thing, I didn’t even get yelled at, LOL!!