You have a voice and AMO wants to hear it!!

No computers, no phones, just a face to face to better the sport. Our sport is unique in the sense that we are all so close and feel like we all know what’s best, that opinions sometimes fly off the cuff in a more negative way than positive. The Grumble Gathering will be held Saturday night after the banquet at the campfire in hopes of opening a line of positive or negative communication between AMO’s Ryan Gauld and it’s faithful customer base.

“This idea came up after I got questioned from a racers parent a few weeks back at a campfire when I was just trying to enjoy a good time,” shares Ryan Gauld. “I am all about making Motocross more attractive, better, and easier for us all but I also need to make it financially viable for AMO to survive and be motivated to keep coming back as a promoter. This idea/stage is for anyone that wishes to come and share ideas, problems, solutions etc. So many times we have the answer but only wish to share in a negative way through a social feed or computer. I am willing to listen and chat as we all move towards 2019. Maybe this is a good idea or maybe it’s dumb, but I’m willing to try because I love Motocross as much as I love my family. I want it to be better for us all. So, if you think you know what’s best or think you can help or just want to “grumble” when the banquet is over you’ll have your chance.”

REMEMBER: EVERYTHING HAPPENS ON Saturday this weekend. Not Sunday. Gopher is open for practice on Sunday


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