AMO MMRS News Letter #32 – Riders advanced a class for 2018

Riders Advanced a Class for 2018

Where there is unity there is always victory!


Who’s ready for 2018? We sure are at AMO/MMRS. With all the very positive news regarding the countries Pro ranks, the grassroots side of things means that much more now. While we are finalizing plans, classes, rules, and lastly our schedule for 2018 we figured it was time to share what riders earned the points for advancement out of their class in 2017. “Times have sure change with how advancement works and racers are way faster in a shorter time,” shares AMO President Ryan Gauld.” “It meant the world to me when I earned my spot in the next class. That showed I was improving and going faster and bet better is all I wanted when I raced. Hopefully, for the names below, they realize the achievement of earning your spot and chasing that next level. “


  • For 2018 AMO/MMRS will be the advancement group for the Rockstar Triple Crown Series
  • Intermediates with AMO/MMRS are allowed to run the 250 class at all Rockstar Triple Crown Series events

Here are the list of names advanced for 2018 (if you wonder why or have questions about the process be sure to email –


Beginner to Junior:

1.      Kyle Marshall

2.      Vince Laforce

3.      Nelson Kerr

4.      Nathan Clark

5.      Hunter Arnott

6.      Ashton Durie


Junior To Intermediate:

1.      Jake Tricco

2.      Sam Matthews

3.      Ross Thirnbeck

4.      Quinn Amyotte

5.      Shane Mercieca

6.      Estaban Racine

7.      Dakota Yaskow

8.      Seth McDowell

9.      Brandon Tilliart

10.  Nate Fazio

11.  Adam Chambers

12.  Jarret Pronk

13.  Matt Millar

14.  Nic Doucette


Intermediate to Pro:

1.      Marco Cannella

2.      Tanner Ward

3.      Austin Watling

4.      Kraig Reinhart

5.      Eric Schiltd

6.      Broc Kelly

7.      Kyle Brown