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Monday, Sept 19, 2016 – Only one chance left and only a few riders have a chance. It will be crazy to be giving some lucky name mentioned below a “Win Your Ride” for 2017. The support from Mission Cycle (KTM 65), ZDeno Cycle (YZ or KX 85), and WCK Honda (250F or 450F) the last race decides the final spots in the draw. “For the names, just on the outside of the draw you would be foolish not to come this weekend,” states AMO manager Ryan Gauld. “The number of goodies coming this weekend for the year-end is mind blowing. Don’t Miss Out!!!”

The banquet is this Saturday after the race at Motopark Sept 24th starting at 7:30PM. FULL PRESS RELEASE WITH ALL INFORMATION NEEDED TOMORROW.

Bike Draws – ** Draws done on banquet night. YOU MUST have raced 7 AMO races as well be an AMO member for eligibility. All names will be put in a hat and drawn at random for the winner at the banquet. (You must attend for a chance to win. If a name is called and person is not there we draw again)

(note – There will be contracts that go with these deals for the winners of the bike draws)

Below are the names eligible (all racers are AMO members and have raced 7 rounds of Atlas Brace Madskills series) with one event to go at Motopark Sept 24th:

Mission Cycle 2017 KTM 65 (eligible classes 50 7-8, 50 GP, 65 7-9, 10-11)

Ben Kongmany, Riley Reed, Hudson Reed, Leith Ness, Crayden Dillion, Tristan Dares, Evan Stewart, Tyler Booy, Ethan Wilkinson, Maya Legare, Mathew Doan (No other races can get in this draw).

ZDeno Cycle 2017 KX or YZ85 (eligible classes – 85 7-11, 12-16, Supermini)

Edward Cunningham, Josh Bryan, Tyler Bryan, Logan Baird, Andrew Cunningham, Evan Stewart, Brent Thirnbeck, Tristan Dares, Ross Thirnbeck, Kyle Jones, Jaxon Wilkinson, Tyler Doan.

WCK Honda 2017 CRF250 or 450 (eligible classes – Ladies A,250/Open Junior and 250/Open Intermediate classes)

Tyler Evanitski, Kelcey Jones, Carter Tremblay, Sam Gaynor.


Below are racers names that have a chance at eligibility for the draw if attending the final race:

Djuro Landon (6 Races 85 -7-11),  Nycholas Burnside (6 Races 250 Junior), Austin Watling (6 races 250 Int), Kyle Brown (6 Races 250 Int), Damon Luskys (6 Races 250 Int).



Motopark Final is now September 24th instead of 25th.

*Note – Purchasing license/Membership after June 1st does NOT get you into the Banquet Prize system.

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Thank you to our amazing sponsors and supporters. The end of 2016 will remind you why you chose AMO!!

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