PDF – AMO Racing News Letter #17 – Why Finish 2016 with AMO

Why Finish 2016 with AMO?


Thursday, Sept 1, 2016 – What a summer we’ve had at AMO races. Thanks to our amazing members and supporters AMO has made racing in 2016 fun again for all ages and all families. “The plan this year was once again to give a reason to go racing again,” shares AMO Manager Ryan Gauld. “With our last three events and the year-end banquet with over $30,000 in prizes upon us we want to give you, even more, reason to share your last days of 2016 with AMO.” So why race with us in September at Gullymor (11th), Walton (17th), and Motopark (24th)?

*New (all three races) – NO move up points. For all beginners, Juniors and Intermediates there will be NO advancement points at these events. The points you have earned up to this point will be your 2016 total.

*New (all three races) – 75% Payback for Ladies A and Plus 50 classes. As well all other payback classes (Under 30 Int/Pro, 30A, 40A, Open Int, 250 Int) will be 75% instead of the usual 50%. Pro will stay at 200%.

*New – Yearend banquet is Sept 24th at Motopark after the race on Saturday night. AMO will supply food and beverages for 200 people beginning at 730pm. AMO has rented a tent, catered dinner, music, bar, projector for Just Twist It year-end video, $30,000 in prizes, three bike draws, special awards, and set-up to watch Team Canada at MXON in Italy.

Banquet classes – 50cc 4-6, 50 7-8, 50 GP, 65cc 7-9, 65 10-11, 65GP, 85cc 7-11, 85 12-16, Supermini, 250 Junior, Open Junior, 250 Intermediate, Open Intermediate, Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2, Ladies A, Under 30 Int/Pro, 30A, 40A, Open Pro-Am. (your best 9 races count. If you raced 6 then you score 6. If you raced 13 we take your best 9)

Bike Draws – ** Draws done on banquet night. YOU MUST have raced 7 AMO races as well be an AMO member for eligibility.  All names will be put in a hat and drawn at random for the winner at the banquet. (You must attend for a chance to win. If a name is called and person is not there we draw again)

Mission Cycle 65cc – Eligible Classes 50cc 7-8, 65 7-9, 65 10-11

Zdeno Cycle 85cc – Eligible Classes 85 7-11, 85 12-16, Supermini

WCK Honda “Ride Red in 2017 Winner”250F or 450F (winner chooses bike size) – 250 Junior, Open Junior, Ladies A, 250 Int, Open Int. (note – There will be contracts that go with these deals for the winners of the bike draws)

Special Awards 2 x AMO Rising Star, New Era Hard Charger Award, AMO Hard Charger Award, AMO Rider of the Year




2016 Race Schedule*Notice the date change in September for Walton. Now Sept 17th instead of 18th

Motopark Final is now September 24th instead of 25th.

*Note – Purchasing license/Membership after June 1st does NOT get you into the Banquet Prize system.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and supporters. The end of 2016 will remind you why you chose AMO!!

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