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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 – AMO Racing Opening race weekend excitement in the air! We’re finally going racing under the fresh, new plan guided by AMO racing and the best Ontario tracks we have to offer. This weekend is the opening round of Amateur National Qualifiers for the South Western Ontario region. As well, we kick off the Atlas Brace Madskills series with opportunities at prizes by the end that is unmatched. “I’m crazy nervous and crazy excited. I feel like I’m having another kid,” shares a smiling AMO racing Manger Ryan Gauld. “The decision to take AMO on its own was a difficult one, but looking back it was the right one. The plan we have ready to go gives the customer more options and more reasons to race with us. You can’t lose with AMO!!” Below you will find all the info needed for this weekend at the premiere facility, Motopark.

Saturday – The park is open for practice on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, the main track will be open for practice from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the mini track from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Practice rates are $35 per day and those racing Sunday don’t require a Motopark membership.

Camping fees are $20 for one night, $10 for each additional night. Contact Motopark for more info

Sign in from 4pm-8pm at AMO Trailer: (Prefer cash to keep line moving)

RACING FEES: All classes on big track require a TRANSPONDER

MEMBERS:                 NON MEMBERS: (no membership with either MMRS, TVR or AMO)
1st class $35.00                  1st class $45.00
2nd class $25.00                  2nd class $35.00
3rd class $20.00                  3rd class $25.00

Small track classes: Diva and New Kid Beginner – $25/per

*New Kid Beginner is a racer age 4-8 on a 65CC two stroke and under or 110CC Fourstroke and under that doesn’t wish to ride on the big track

TRANSPONDER: (can purchase with cash, credit card or debit)

Purchase Cost $180 – AMO will have at the trailer (not registered for race day) Rental Cost $20/per – AMO will have 20 Rentals for the day

*Be sure to register and/or charge your transponder before the weekend. AMO is not responsible for a non-working Transponder. To register go to http://www.mylaps.com/en

Memberships: YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD AT AMO TRAILER THIS WEEKEND IF YOU PURCHASED BEFORE LAST SUNDAY. For those that purchased this week we will have it on record. You can pick up at next event you attend.

Will be available at AMO trailer all weekend $90 single, $160 Family (can purchase with cash, credit card or debit)

Race Day Schedule: (Tentative)

Riders Meeting 8:30AM

Practice Order: 9AM sharp 3 laps per


Honda /Husky/ Suzuki

Kawasaki/ KTM






Race Order (Subject to change)

1. Ladies A –                   Trophy to 5th Double Gate Drop
Ladies B                        Trophies to 5th
2. 50cc 7-8 –                 Every racer gets a trophy Double Gate Drop
50cc 4-6 –                     Every racer gets a trophy
3. Vet 30A –                 50% payback 3 Gate Drops
Vet 30 B –                     Trophies to 5th
Vet 50+ –                      Trophies to 5th
4. 85 12-16 –               Trophies to 5th Double Gate Drop
85 7-11 –                      Trophies to 5th
5. 450 Intermediate – 50% payback Double Gate Drop
250 Beginner –           Trophies to 5th
6. 250 Junior (If qualifiers needed we’ll add them in) Trophies to 5th
7. 250 Intermediate –   50% Payback
8. 65 10-11                 Trophies to 5th Double Gate Drop
65 7-9                           Trophies to 5th
9. Under 30 A Int/Pro 50% Payback Double Gate Drop
Under 30 B Beg/Jun  Trophies to 5th
10. Vet 40 A Int/Pro – 50% Payback Double Gate Drop
Vet 40 B Beg/Jun        Trophies to 5th
11. 50cc GP (Awards 30 minutes after this second moto) every racer gets a trophy
12. Schoolboy 1 –         Trophies to 5th
13. 450 Junior –         Trophies to 5th Double Gate Drop
Open Beginner –       Trophies to 5th
14. Supermini –         Trophies to 5th
15. Open Pro AM –   200% Payback
16. Schoolboy 2 –     Trophies to 5th
17. 65 GP                   Trophies to 5th
18. Open Junior (If qualifiers needed we’ll add them in) Trophies to 5th
19. Open Intermediate       50% Payback
*New Kid Beginner 4-8 65cc + Diva  on Small track
10am practice, 11am Moto 1, 12pm Moto 2, 1pm
Moto 3. Awards with the 50cc after their final GP Moto



2016 Race Schedule*Notice the date change in September for Walton. Now Sept 17th instead of 18th

Also, April 10th at Gopher Dunes, and April 16th at Motopark have been added for ride days. Details to follow

2016 Rules and Class Structure

Why Race with Us in 2016

Supporting Sponsors so far in 201

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and supporters. The 2016 season will be a game changer for motocross in Ontario!!

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Any questions, concerns, or general info required, please email amoracingreloaded@gmail.com.

Be sure to follow www.amoracing.com for schedule, rules, class structure, and general info.

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